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Debit Cards

At most banks, a debit card is just a convenient piece of plastic. But for our Kasasa® account holders, a debit card is your golden ticket to qualify for rewards.

Sign up for your free Kasasa checking account and use your card to qualify for monthly cash rewards. It’s all the convenience of a free Mastercard® debit card — with all the benefit of MECU.

Free Annual Credit Report

Your credit history impacts many aspects of your financial life — from applying for a mortgage to protecting your identity. Request your free credit report from

Wire Transfers

Make sure your money gets where it needs to go. MECU offers domestic and international wire transfer services. Contact us for details.

Automatic Transfers

Put your budget on autopilot. Set up automatic transfers to make loan payments, build your savings, and more. This service is conveniently available in online banking

Direct Deposit

Have payday arrive early. We’ll deposit your paychecks or social security checks directly to your checking account. Contact us for details

Payroll Deduction

Reach your savings goals. Have a predetermined portion of your paycheck transferred to the account of your choice every pay period. Just tell us how much and where you would like it to go. 

Cashier’s Checks

Make sure important payments go through. MECU guarantees cashier’s checks — so yours will not bounce. Purchase cashier’s checks in any amount from our main branch.

A Lasting Journey

Create a lifelong relationship with Missoula locals just like you. It all starts here.


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